About the Tinkers

Pat Rothfuss is the guy who started this whole thing. The blog that started it all. He’s an author with a godly beard and a wonderful family. He likes long walks on the beach and collecting shrunken heads from around the world. Sometimes we let him package up your order.

Kat is one of Pat's assistants and embraces the title of Mistress Minion. She brings mad skills to the Worldbuilders team and she promises to use her magickal gifts to see that your swag is delivered to you in a timely fashion via the seelie court express. If that fails, Kat will call in the heavies from the unseelie court.

Amanda was a mild-mannered English teacher until she was bitten by a radioactive Rothfuss and became SARCASMA. Her life now consists of using super speed to package, reading minds to help figure out the right products to sell, and protecting the world from the Rothfuss when he has too little or too much caffeine in his system.

Nicole is a nature nymph, rescued by Rothfuss from captivity and invited to roam free at The Tinker's Packs. While reveling in her liberty, she makes sure the store stays as environmentally friendly as possible by reusing packaging materials and befriending cute furry creatures.

Team Worldbuilders has had several supporting members over the past few years including Sarah, Oot, Valerie, and Pepper Potts. Currently Oot is busy stomping in puddles and Sarah is busy finding froggie boots for Oot to stomp in, Valerie is translating a book on lesbian unicorn lore into Esperanto, and Pepper is living in a yurt so she can pet rhinos. The lesbian unicorn was joined by a unicorn pegasus kitten and a gnome, and together they help the ladies feel extra happy while they are putting together your orders.